“Full Service” packages – included services:

Standard China (bone or white with platinum ring):  Dinner plate, salad plate (glass), bread plate, water goblet , 2 forks, knife, Irish coffee mugs (at coffee station).    Guest places are pre-set with bread plate, water goblet, flatware and folded linen napkin.  Exception – station style events use cocktail sized plates and required flatware is provided at each food station.

Disposables:  Plastic cocktail plates & beverage napkins (appetizers, cake & cookies).

Guest Linen: Tablecloths (square or rectangle) – white or ivory.  Napkins – choice of color.  Floor length colored table linens are available for an extra charge.

Appetizers:  Display with tiers, overlay, votive candles.  Also passed Hors d’oeuvres (if included) on silver trays with doilies.

Ice Water Service:  Filled water goblet at each seat, ice water pitcher at each table.

Salad Course:  Individual pre-dressed  salads served immediately after toasts/blessing.  Exception – station style event salads are normally a self-serve station.

Rolls & Butter: Lined basket at each guest table – whipped butter rosettes on bread plate.  Salt & Pepper shakers at each guest table.  Exception – station style events – bread & rolls are incorporated into the food stations.

Buffet service: Staffed (guests are served).  2 buffets if 175 guests or more.

Sit down dinner service:  Wait staff ratio of approximately 1 per 20 guests.  Client must identify meal choice at each guest seat.

Cake service: Our staff will cut & plate your cake and serve it to your guests at their seats.

Coffee service: Station with regular, decaf, hot water & assorted teas, creamers & sweeteners.  Glass Irish mugs.

Cookie Replenishment: Our staff will replenish your pre-trayed  cookies after the dinner service.  We require some empty trays to avoid delays.  Also, take home containers and leftover cookies at the end of the evening are the client’s responsibility.

Head table services: Plated meal (if buffet), toasting glasses, appetizer plate.  Exception – station style events have a broad array of choices and plated meals for bridal party are not practical.  

Table Skirting (white): Head table, gift table, cake table, cookie table, entry table, all food service tables.

Early setup: Generally the day before the event (Friday) if possible.   Tables covered, equipment placed, guest tables set and skirting applied.  On the day of the event – staff arrives about 2½ hours before the cocktail hour to prepare appetizers, coffee and cold foods.  If prior day setup is not possible, staff will arrive earlier the day of the event.

Hot food:   Hot appetizers and roasted meats will be cooked on site.   Other items will be generally cooked off-site (at the discretion of our chef) and will arrive ½ hour before salad course.

Closing:  At least one staff member remains on site for final cleanup & linen retrieval.  Buffet or station leftovers packaged for client in foil pans.

Venue resources:  Some services may not be available at certain locations due to logistical or other reasons.  Please contact us for further information about your venue.


Optional services:

Cookie Traying … $60.00 – our staff will attractively arrange your boxed cookies.  Includes silver trays and doilies.  Disposable trays will be used towards the end of the evening to facilitate cleanup.  Take home containers and leftover cookies at the end of the evening are the client’s responsibility.

Bar Glassware … $3.50 per person (full package – wine, rocks, pilsner & highball).  Partial packages are also available.  Clear plastic disposables (9 oz & 12 oz) are available for $1.00 per person.  Due to labor and space management considerations, real glassware must be rented through the caterer.

Table Side Coffee Service … $1.75 per person (replaces coffee station).  Includes china cup & saucer, tablespoon, cream & sugar.

All pricing is subject to 18% gratuity and PA sales tax.