Casual Service Package:

China: China-like dinner plate (at buffet), China-like salad plate, Silver plasticware. Guest seats are pre-set with 2 forks, knife and folded linen napkin. Open seating will incur an additional cost. Please inquire with our sales team.

Disposables:  Plastic cocktail plates (appetizers, cookies, cake), beverage napkins, cake fork, decorated paper coffee cups.

Guest Table Linen:  Lap Length Tablecloths (square or rectangle) for tables of 8 or 10 guest seats – Choice of white, ivory or black linens.

Linen Napkins: folded, choice of color.

Salad:  Pre-Set with two dressings at guest tables.

Rolls & Butter: Lined basket at each guest table.  Salt & Pepper shakers at each guest table.

Buffet service: Staffed (guests are served).

Cake service: We cut & plate your cake and serve it to your guests at their seats.

Coffee service: Station with regular, decaf, hot water & assorted teas, creamers & sweeteners.

Head table service: Plated and Served Meal; Toasting Glasses.

Service Table Linen: Floor length linen for Head table, gift table, cake table, cookie table (3), entry table (escort cards), buffet tables, appetizer table, coffee table. Additional Linens available for rental (Cocktail, Memory, Photo Booth)

Early setup: Same Day Setup. Client may elect to pickup and install tablecloths for early decorating or inquire about prior day setup. Staff arrives about 3.5 hours before the cocktail hour.

6 Hour Reception:  Cocktail hour to closing.

Closing:  At least one staff member remains on site for final cleanup & linen retrieval.  Buffet leftovers packaged for client in foil pans.

Other Services & Options:

Cookie Traying…Starting at $200.00 per event.  Includes trays & doilies.  Cookies must be on site when catering staff arrives on the day of the event.  Repackaging of leftover cookies at the end of the evening is the client’s responsibility.

Floor Length Guest Table Linen  … $1.00 per person (white, black or ivory) – replaces standard lap length tablecloths.  Colored tablecloths (Call for Quote)

Self-Service Buffet – guests use both sides of buffet and serve themselves.  Catering staff  replenishes buffet items and assists guests as needed.  Salads are pre-bowled and dressed on buffet.  Requires fewer staff than our standard buffet service and pricing is reduced accordingly (varies by event and circumstances).

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